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Terms / FAQ2022-12-10T18:57:20-05:00
I want to work with you. What sort of things do you do?2020-10-24T16:41:11-05:00

I’m a photographer and photo editor working in portraiture, landscape & nature, still life and fine art styles. I’d love to arrange to edit some of your photographs, or take some photos for you! Take a look through my editing and photography portfolios, then contact me to work together!

How much do you charge? Do I have to pay in advance?2020-10-24T16:05:19-05:00

Each project is different! To get you an accurate quote, you’ll have to contact me with details of the project. Some services I offer (with prices) are outlined under ‘types of editing’ in the attached contract available for review.

Yes, at least partial advance payment will always be required before work begins, and full payment will be required before the date of a photoshoot, as well as signing a contract. The contract can be viewed in full (link at bottom of FAQ), so you can review my full terms in advance!

If I hire you to edit photographs, how can I know I’ll get an outcome I like?2020-10-24T16:08:47-05:00

I always communicate with my clients about the desired outcome for edits! You’re encouraged to be specific and detailed when we discuss a project, so we’re on the same page. After I edit the photographs, I’ll always send preview images to you as well, after seeing which you’re entitled to one round of revisions to ensure the images are to your liking. You can also request additional rounds of revision at an extra cost which can be discussed.

Please note, I do not accept liability for editing images that have sub-par quality (including but not limited to images less than 240PPI, blurry or out of focus images).

Who owns what copyright when we work together?2020-10-24T16:16:02-05:00

If I’m editing photographs you’ve taken, then you retain the copyright of all raw/unedited files, while I retain the copyright of the editing/ edited files. Credit should be displayed similar to “photograph by (name), edited by Dana Schiemann of” If you provide photographs for me to edit, you must have taken or own the copyright to said photographs. See below for an important note regarding this.

If I have taken photos for you, then I always retain the copyright of said photographs’ raw/unedited files, and edited files (if I also preform editing on said photographs). No reproduction is allowable without my written permission, even if said photographs are later edited by a third party. Credit is always required.

An important note about copyright: The Client agrees to indemnify and hold the photo editor harmless against any and all claims, costs, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, due to materials in the design at the request of the client to which the client does not possess copyright permission or usage rights.

What if a project gets cancelled?2020-10-24T16:17:11-05:00

In the unlikely event I cancel a project, liability is limited to the refund of any fees paid to that point. If a project is cancelled by you, the client, at any point, cancellation fees will become immediately due in a prorated basis of work completed up to the point of cancellation.

How long will it take to get my files? How many files will I get, if you’re taking photos for me?2020-10-24T16:18:30-05:00

As quick as I can get them to you! As many as we agree to! A timeline and deliverables for each project will be determined between you, the client, and I, at the beginning stages of working together.

On average for editing I can deliver files in 10-15 business days. In busy times, delivery of final files could take 4-6 weeks. However, it’s important to know that each project is different.

I want to buy a print of one of your photographs! Can I?2020-11-29T11:03:41-05:00

Yeah, you can buy prints by clicking on the ‘shop’ tab in the menu! Right now, I sell prints through Redbubble, though in the future I may have a store set up right here on my website!

Please note, as I sell prints through an external site, I am not responsible for the quality of the prints. Redbubble must be contacted directly if there is a problem with the quality of your print order.

download the full contract as a PDF file, for review, here: Dana Schiemann Photography — Contract for Review, Click to Download

Interested in working together? Get to know me or contact me. To see some of my work, view my photography portfolio or editing portfolio. I also sell prints, go to my store page for details!

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